Rachel Van Asch


Van Asch is a family run business, founded by me, Rachel Van Asch.

It was during my time as a performer with the classical cross over vocal group Mediaeval Baebes that I developed my lifelong interest for mediaeval fashion into a successful clothing label.

I started making the stage costumes in 1996 then I launched my clothing company in 2000 specialising in alternative, comfortable, glamorous and affordable fabulous frocks. We briefly closed our on-line store in 2006 when my family relocated to Sweden and I opened a shop in Stockholm and launched the Van Asch Stockholm label. Devoted to all things glamorous, strange and fabulous.

It was a rich and decadent haven for the bohemian and beautiful. An opulent alternative to the pale functionality of the Scandinavian style. My inspiration fuses styles as eclectic as traditional oriental, Parisian Fin de siecle, Victorian, Edwardian, Burlesque and Baroque with hints of Mediaeval and fantasy. I love detail, lace and femininity combined with quirkiness, contrast and strength.

Rachel Van Asch

Rachel Van Asch Media

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Some of Rachel Van Asch designs